Blur and Pixelate Videos Automatically With AI

Add blur effect to conceal faces, foreground & background, license plates or any objects in videos effortlessly

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Exclusive Features

We Provide Comprehensive AI Blurring Solutions

blur faces

Blur Faces

Uses AI to selectively pixelate and censor still or moving faces in videos, without keyframe and overlay.

blur license plate

Blur License Plate

Dedicated license plate recognition technology to identify and blur license plates precisely in videos.

blur background

Blur Background/Foreground

One-click video background blur to ensure focus on the main subject, reduce distraction, and protect privacy.

blur object

Blur Object

Object tracking model to selectively blur any specific object within a video to hide sensitive information.

ai motion tracking

AI Motion Tracking Technology to Track and Blur Moving Objects in Video

Automated Tracking

Sophisticated AI algorithms to automatically detect and follow moving objects or faces within a video.

Precision and Accuracy

Precise identification and tracking of varied movement for an accurate blur effect throughout the video.

Reduced Manual Work

Free you from manual blurring and reduce the work time for post-production, no keyframes and overlays.

Main Features

Automated Blurring of Any Object or Part in the Video with Our AI-based Video Blur Tool

blur faces and objects

Blur Faces and Objects

The face and object blur tool automatically detects and blurs faces, license plates, billboards, or any specific objects in the videos.

Users can quickly select the objects they wish to blur, and the video blur tool will automatically apply blur effect to selected objects, whether they are still or in motion.

  • Anonymize all or selected faces
  • Adjustable recognition and detection accuracy
  • Adjustable blur intensity
  • Custom blur effect with stickers and images
blur part of a video

Blur Part of a Video

Blur a specific part of a video, foreground and background area, or any selected region without effort. Ideal for post-processing tasks, enhancing privacy and security.

With just a few clicks, users can select the desired area for blurring with rectangular or elliptical blur shapes and adjust the blur size, intensity, and even add custom images or stickers.

  • Adjustable depth of field
  • Adjustable foreground area
  • Retangular and elliptical blur shape
  • Blur any selected region
Uses Cases

Uses Cases: Adaptable Blurring Solutions For Various Scenarios

user generated content

Ethical Broadcasting

Blur footage containing victims, suspects, or witnesses related to crimes or sensitive events for television news outlets and documentary producers.

public privacy

Censor Sensitive Information

Obscure addresses, license plates, identification numbers, bank card numbers, or phone numbers in user-generated videos before they are uploaded.

ethic broadcasting

Anonymity in Public Spaces

Blur faces or individuals in scenarios where videos are taken in crowded places or sensitive locations, such as protests, rallies, or areas with strict privacy laws.

Complex Video Blurring Made Simple with Artificial Intelligence

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Detection accuracy and recognition precision


Reduce the blurring workload in video editing


Automatically blur the selected faces in video

How it Works

How to Blur a Video?

Use the video blur tool to censor and pixelate videos that contain sensitive information.

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upload video

Step 1: Upload Video

To blur a video, upload a video that you want to blur. You can open a recent project from the project management panel.

add blur task

Step 2: Add Blur Effect

Add one or multiple blur tasks to blur faces, license plates or any objects, select the desired blur effect, adjust blur size, and configure blur parameters.

start blurring

Step 3: Apply Blur Effect

Click Export, and the program will automatically pixelate videos, including faces, license plates, or any specific area or object.

Customer Feedbacks

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5 star

"I recently stumbled upon AVCLabs Video Blur AI when I needed a reliable way to anonymize the people in my video project. The software’s AI-driven face detection and motion tracking technology are absolutely game-changers."


Jennifer D. Smith

Content Creator
4 star

"AVCLabs Video Blur AI has become an indispensable part of my editing toolkit. The ease with which I can blur out unwanted parts of my videos while keeping the focus on the main subject is remarkable."


Brooklyn Simmons

Video Editor
5 star

"As an amateur videographer, I often struggled with editing software when it came to blurring specific elements in my videos. That was until I found AVCLabs Video Blur AI. It's incredibly easy to blur faces, license plates, and selected objects."


Savannah Nguyen

Amateur Videographer
5 star

"In my line of work, ensuring the privacy of individuals in video footage is paramount. AVCLabs Video Blur AI has made this task easy and efficient. It accurately blurs individuals and objects as they move across the screen."


Anne Williamson

Documentary Filmmaker
Frequently Asked Question

An AI-Powered Solution for Privacy Protection

Most video editors support adding a blur or mosaic effect to videos. But AVCLabs Videos Blur AI uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect still or moving faces or objects in your videos and achieve a blur effect.

Yes, you can blur video foreground and background with one click. If you want to add blur effect to a specific part of the video, use the rectangular and ellipse shape tool.

Choose a fixed area that covers the phone number, select a blur effect that you wish to add to the videos, adjust the blur intensity, and click Export.

An Automatic Way to Blur Videos: Fastest and Simplest

AI-powered video object anonymization tool to anonymize unwanted objects in videos including moving faces, foreground/background, license plates and more.