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blur license plates

License Plates Blur Software for Privacy Protection

An AI-driven solution for users to automatically detect, track and blur license plates on vehicles in videos. Based on cutting-edge license plate recognition technology and adjustable blur strength, it achieves precise blur effects.

blur license plate
license plate detection technology

Advanced Detection Technology

Powered by the advanced license plate detection technology, it can recognize and detect all kinds of the license plates in a video, avoiding missing any license plate.

auto blur license plate

Automatically Blur License Plate

Utilizing the latest artificial intelligence technology, it offers users an automated way to blur license plates, no professional video editing skills are required.

blur license plate high accuracy

High Accuracy

Users are allowed to adjust the blur strength and size, as well as feather blur edges, fulfilling the perfect blurring results with high accuracy.

blur multiple license plates
blur moving license plates
blur vehicle license plates
main feature
Main Features

Blur All Kinds of License Plates by Leveraging License Plate Recognition Technology

It helps users to detect and track all license plates in videos through using the license plate recognition technology.

Smartly blur recognized multiple license plates in a video to get rid of the tedious manual editing.

  • Blur multiple license plates recognized in the constant flow of traffic
  • Recognize license plates of fast-moving vehicles and blur them
  • Blur the recognized bus and private car license plates
Main Features

Obscure License Plates with Optional Four Blur Types

It comes with four blur types including Standard Blur, Mosaic Blur, Custom Image Blur, Sticker Blur, providing users with flexible methods to add blur effects to license plates in videos.

Various blur types give users the ability to get professional or interesting results.

Standard Blur


Mosaic Blur


Custom Image Blur


Sticker Blur

license plate blur types
productivity background
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We Help Businesses to Enhance Their Productivity

Traditional video editing software takes much more time and massive manual editing work to accomplish a video project, while AI-based license plate blur tool can make it easier to get the editing job done, saving time and budget.

simplify workflow
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We Offer the Individual Users the Easiest Way to Simplify the Workflow

Intuitive interface and layout help users easily get started.

Dedicated AI models empower users to automatically blur license plates, no learning curve.

Affordable and multiple subscription plans to cater to different needs, cost-effective.

  • Ease to Use
  • Automated Process
  • Higher Compatibility
  • Project Management
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How it Works

How to Obscure License Plate with AI

import a video

Import a video

Open AVCLabs Video Blur AI and import a video to it.

select the license plate blur model

Select the model

Simply select the "License Plate Blur" model to continue.

edit license plate blur task

Edit the blur task

Choose the blur type, and adjust the blur strength.

export license plate blur result

Export result

After all settings are ready, click the "Export" button.

use cases
Use Cases

Ultimate Solution for Personal and Commercial Use


News Media

To avoid a lawsuit, news media outlets need to pixelate license plates to comply with data protection regulations such as the GDPR and CCPA.

used car platforms
used car platforms

Used Car Platforms

Second-hand vehicle trading websites need to blur and hide the license plate number to protect the sensitive information of car owners.

data analysis
data analysis

Data Analysis

Workers in the automotive industry need to collect the data for analysis, which requires blurring a large number of license plates to protect privacy.

safe driving education
safe driving education

Safe Driving Education

Using the car owner's driving recorder video for safe driving education, the license plate needs to be blurred to protect the owner's privacy.


What Happy Customers Says
about Us?

avatar female 1

AVCLabs Video Blur AI works pretty well in blurring license plates. It is a time saver for me. Its fast-processing speed and auto-blur feature streamline my workflow, allowing me to focus on the content creation. It helps me publish high-quality and captivate vlog videos on YouTube on schedule. Thanks for your great team.

Holly Losey


avatar male 2

I love to chat with friends via social media apps and share what I see and hear in daily life, especially videos. AVCLabs Video Blur AI helps me blur the videos that involve personal sensitive information I send. I like its user-friendly interface and AI models tailored to different blurring needs. It works like a magic.

Jose Tovar


avatar female 3

AVCLabs helps me improve the efficiency of video editing. It can automatically identify and track the license plate information in the video and perform precise blurring. I'm impressed by its high compatibility with video formats and computer's operation system, which makes the video editing process smooth.

Jose Tovar


avatar male 4

I need to collect huge amount of vehicle image data from various countries for autonomous driving research and neural network training. To avoid violating privacy regulations in some countries, license plates need to be anonymized. Thanks to AVCLabs Video Blur AI, I don’t have to manually edit the video.

Jose Tovar

Automotive Industry

avatar female 5

I work in the educational administration department of a school. Providing safe driving education is part of the legal education content. In order to protect the privacy of the car owner's personal information, the anonymization for license plate is required. AVCLabs Video Blur AI gives me the optimal solution.

Doris Arnold


avatar male 6

To prevent the personal information from leaking, I need to make sure the license plates of offered cars are obscured and unrecognized. AVCLabs Video Blur AI does a great job in pixelating license plates. Apart from blurring license plates, it even lets me anonymize license plates with logo images or stickers. Robust tool.

Philip Klossner

Founder of used car trading website

Frequently Ask Question

Talk To About Any Question?

Yes, the automatic third-party license plate blur software like AVCLabs Video Blur AI are legal and safe to use. They support localization processing. There is no need to upload videos to the Internet, eliminating the risk of privacy leaks.

License plates contains important personal information. Blurring license plates in videos playing a crucial role in privacy protection. When news media reports on popular real-time events, they need to pixelate license plates of vehicles in videos to protect the privacy of the parties involved.

Firstly, run AVCLabs Video Blur AI and upload a video to it. Secondly, select the "License Plate Blur" model in the top menu bar. Thirdly, go to the "License Plate Blur Setting" and choose the blur type, adjust blur strength and size. Fourthly, click the "Eye" icon to preview the blur effect. Then click the "Export" button, a Settings window will pop up, where you can set the output video format, encoder, bitrate, and output path. After configuring all the settings, hit the "Apply" button to render the video.


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