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Privacy Protection

Cutting-edge AI Technology to Blur Video Background

Looking to effortlessly blur the background of your videos automatically? AVCLabs Video Blur AI simplifies the process of blurring video backgrounds with AI technology, cutting down on the time needed to add background blur and enhancing the focus.

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Accurate Blur

Precisely blur the background in videos without compromising quality using a range of adjustment tools available.

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AI Technology

Utilize an artificial intelligence technology to automatically highlight the subject and blur the background of the video.

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Automatically detect and blur backgrounds, saving you hours of manual editing for content creators.

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background blur main feature 1
background blur main feature 1
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Main Features

Make Your Video More Attractive With Blurred Background

Making your video more attractive is all about focusing on what's important. A blurred background not only adds a professional touch but also ensures that the viewer's attention is drawn to the main subject.

The advent of AI in video blurring has revolutionized the process of achieving a blurred background effect, making it remarkably easy and efficient. With AI, you can now enjoy precise, automated background blurring that highlights the main subject and reduces unnecessary distractions, all without the need for complex editing skills or manual frame-by-frame adjustments.

  • Emphasize the main subject, making it stand out
  • Minimize visual clutter, allowing viewers to focus on the main content
  • Create visual depth, making the video more engaging
Main Features

Multiple Adjustment Functions for Background Blur in Video

AVCLabs Video Blur AI offers a range of stylized effects to apply various types of background blurs to videos, such as Mosaic, Standard Blur, Longitudinal Blur, Blique Blur, and Particle Blur. Apply different blur background effects to various videos for added visual appeal.

Adjustable blur intensity, depth of field, and foreground expansion allow you to control the video Background blur effect according to your preferences. This flexibility enables you to achieve a high level of personalization.

Depth of Field


Foreground Expansion


Adjust Blur Strength

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Main Features

Blur Background of Videos to Protect Your Privacy

Blurring the background of videos is a powerful technique for protecting privacy, especially in content shared widely on platforms like TV shows and blogs. By blurring sensitive details such as faces, license plates, or any identifiable information appearing in the background, you can show respect for personal privacy and legal regulations while preserving the essence of the scene.

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Main Features

Effortlessly Simplify Video Background Blur Process

The software's user-friendly interface and advanced AI-assisted tools allow you to easily select and blur background areas in your videos with just a few clicks.

Leverages artificial intelligence to detect and isolate subjects, resulting in precise background blurring with minimal user action.

Say goodbye to complicated and time-consuming manual editing processes— AVCLabs Video Blur AI streamlines the task, making it quick and straightforward to achieve background blur results.

  • Fast and Easy to Use
  • Intuitive interface
  • Extreme User Experience
  • Safe and Private
How it Works

How to Blur Video Background with AI

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Import A Video to the Program

Click the "Browse" button or directly drag and drop the video file you want to blur the background into AVCLabs Video Blur AI.

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Select Background Blur

Navigate to the Background Blur tab at the top of the program to start the background blur task. Then choose the desired blur type.

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Edit Background Blur Task

You have the flexibility to customize the blur strength by simply dragging the Adjust Blur Strength left or right to adjust it.

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Preview and Export Video

Preview the video to ensure the background is blurred to your satisfaction. Once you're satisfied, export the video with the blurred background.

Usage Scenario

Practicality of Videos with Blurred Backgrounds

online education

Online Education

Educators can benefit from a blurred background to minimize distractions and keep students focused on the educational or training material.

content creation

Content Creation

Blurring the background can add a cinematic depth of field, making your content stand out and giving it a high-quality, polished look.

program production

Program Production

Utilizing background blur effects in exterior scenes for TV variety shows, reality shows, and blogs is a smart move to ensure privacy and professionalism.

product advertising

Product Advertising

In promotional videos, a blurred background can create a sleek, high-end feel, drawing the viewer's eye to the product or message being advertised.


What Happy Clients Says
About Us?

daniel abigail

I recently had the opportunity to try AVCLabs Video Blur AI for my vlog and it definitely exceeded expectations. I primarily used it for face, object, and background blurring, and I was impressed by it's effectiveness and customizability.

Daniel Abigail


nathan anna

Teaching online has its challenges, but AVCLabs helps me keep my students' attention where it belongs on the lesson. The background blur feature removes distractions without needing any fancy setup. It's a must-have for any educator.

Nathan Anna


justin makayla

Working from home means unexpected interruptions. Thanks to AVCLabs Video Blur AI, I can keep my background blurred and maintain privacy. It's incredibly user-friendly and works like a charm every time which is really easy to use.

Justin Makayla

Home Office Worker

aidan brooke

AVCLabs Video Blur AI has transformed my freelance projects. The background blur feature is incredibly precise, giving my videos a cinematic depth that impresses my clients every time. It's the best investment I've made for my business!

Aidan Brooke

Freelance Videographer

alexander ashley

The blur background effect adds a professional touch that makes my videos stand out. It's super intuitive and saves me so much editing time! I have subscribed to the lifetime version and will continue to use it for my job.

Alexander Ashley

Social Media Influencer

isaac angelina

I love recording family events, and AVCLabs Video Blur AI helps me highlight the special moments without revealing the clutter and privacy of our lived-in home. It's user-friendly and makes our videos look like they were shot by a pro.

Isaac Angelina

Retired Historian

Frequently Ask Question

Talk About Any Video Background Blur Question?

AI video background blur works by using machine learning algorithms to distinguish between the foreground subject and the background. It then applies a blur effect to the background while keeping the subject in focus. This process is known as rotoscoping and is done frame by frame to maintain consistency throughout the video.

Adding background blur to a video serves to enhance the visual quality by creating a depth effect that draws attention to the main subject, while also ensuring privacy by obscuring unwanted details or bystanders in the background. This technique is essential in professional video production for its ability to focus the viewer's gaze, craft a cinematic feel, and maintain ethical standards of privacy without compromising the narrative flow of the content.

AVCLabs Video Blur AI is designed to make the process as simple and efficient as possible, often requiring only a few clicks to achieve a professional-looking blurred background. This can be particularly useful for enhancing privacy or focusing the viewer's attention on the main subject of the video. Remember to check the software's user guide for more detailed instructions or any specific features it might offer.

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Automatically Video Background Blur That Keeps You in Focus and Protects Privacy