AI Solution to Blur Moving Faces in a Video

Free from the tedious editing tasks. Easily blur all faces or specified faces in a few clicks with automatic face detection and tracking

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Processed Videos

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Happy Clients

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Skilled Experts

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Honorable Awards

Exclusive Features

We Provide Exclusive AI Face Blurring Features

ai recognition

AI Recognition

Automatically recognize and track moving faces without manual intervention—face detection with 99% accuracy.

versatile solution

Versatile Solutions

Provide versatile video blurring solutions: face blur, background blur, license plate blur, and fixed part blur. We've got you covered.

privacy first

Privacy First

Enable localized blurring without uploading videos online, ensuring privacy protection without any risk of leakage.

excellent compatibility

Excellent Compatibility

Seamlessly integrate with popular video formats and operating systems for a smooth user experience.

simplified workflow

Simplified Workflow

Streamline workloads with automatic face blurring and a simplified workflow, perfect for professionals and beginners alike.


Tailored Service

Our professional R&D team caters to enterprise and individual customization needs, offering reliable service.

blur face

Face Blur: Protect Your Privacy Quick, Smart and Safe

Efficient and Accurate

Accurately detect and blur multiple faces with advanced AI technology, saving you time on manual editing.

Extreme User Experience

No video editing skills are required to use this face blur tool. Enjoy free updates and 24/7 support.

Secure Face Blurring

Support blurring videos locally, don't worry about any sensitive information leakage.

Main Features

Blur Faces Quickly and Get the Best Result with These Features

blur multiple faces with different blur types

Blur Faces Instantly with Different AI Blurring Modes!

Struggling with blurring moving faces frame by frame? Our AI video blur tool offers automatic face detection and tracking with three modes to meet your different needs:

All Faces: Blur effects applied to all faces in a video with a single click, tracking movement seamlessly.

Assign Faces: Select specific faces for blur effects to safeguard privacy. The tool automatically detects and scans all faces, allowing you to choose which one to blur.

Free-form Selection: Intuitively blur specified faces without constraints.

  • Intuitive Interface
  • Fast Processing
  • Advanced AI Models
  • Safe and Private
face blur settings

Get a Natural Blurring Effect without Affecting the Video

Don't want the blurring effect too jarring? AVCLabs Video Blur AI is the ultimate solution for adding natural, seamless blurring to faces without compromising the harmony of your videos.

Choose from different blur types or personalize your content with custom stickers and the option to upload your images for face anonymization. Fine-tune your blur's size, intensity, and feathering edges for that impeccably natural effect.

  • Customize Blur Types
  • Adjust Strength & Size
  • Feather Blur Edges
  • Adjust Detection Accuracy
Uses Cases

Uses Cases: Who is it for?

for media

Media: News Report

Apply face blur effect to victims, suspects, and witnesses to protect their privacy when reporting news events.

for enterprise

Corporation: Post Production

Blur pedestrians, tourists, or brand logos in a reality show, streamlining post-production by more than 90%. Boost workflow efficiency and save labor costs.

for content creator

Individual: Content Creation

Empower YouTubers, TikTok creators and individuals to effortlessly blur faces in videos, saving time and enabling greater focus on content creation.

Detect, Recognize and Blur Any Faces in Video with AI

detect and blur face with ai


Detection accuracy and recognition precision


Reduce the blurring workload in video editing


Automatically blur the selected faces in video

How it Works

How to Use Video Blur AI to Blur Faces

Blurring faces using traditional video editors can be complex and time-consuming. However, with Video Blur AI, it only takes three simple steps to blur any faces in the video.

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upload video

Step 1: Upload a Video

Install and launch the Video Blur AI and click the "Browse" button to upload a video file for face blurring.

select faces

Step 2: Add Face Blur Task

Select the "Face Blur" option in the top left corner. Then, set face blur settings and customize your blur preferences on the right side, adjusting blur types, strength, size, etc.

start processing

Step 3: Preview and Export

Click the Eye icon to preview the effect. Once satisfied, click the "Export" button to initiate the blurring process.

Customer Feedbacks

See What Our Clients Have to Say


"I recently had the opportunity to try Video Blur AI for my vlog and it definitely exceeded expectations.One of the standout features is the face detection model. It flawlessly identifies face(s) within the video, working accurately. "

customer review

Shane McDougall


"The UI is intuitive and user-friendly, making the entire blurring process hassle-free. I feel like this makes the whole process pain-free compared to the Adobe equivalent (which for me has been a little daunting). Highly recommend this Blur app!"

customer review

James Davis


"Video Blur AI is a lifesaver! I always struggled with blurring faces in my videos, but this tool makes it a breeze. Just upload, select blur settings, and voila! My privacy concerns are sorted in no time. Highly recommend!"

customer review

Savannah Nguyen

Video Blur User

"This AI tool is incredibly versatile! It does more than just blur faces—it can blur backgrounds, license plates, and any fixed areas you need. More importantly, it's very cost effective and saves me a lot of money."

customer review

Jennifer Martinez

Video Blur User

"The most important reason I choose this tool is that it supports local processing. It gives me peace of mind when blurring sensitive faces. With no need to upload videos online, it eliminates the risk of privacy leaks.

customer review

Brooklyn Simmons


"As a post-production worker, I often need to work with a lot of videos, like blurring faces, background, brands, etc. Manually blurring moving faces in a video is really time-consuming, but this tool is really efficient. "

customer review

Amanda Anderson

Post-Production Worker
Frequently Ask Question

Frequently Asked Questions About Blurring Faces in Videos

People blur faces to protect privacy, anonymity, or identity in photos or videos, especially when sharing content publicly or when the individuals depicted haven't consented to be identified.

For blurring someone's face in a video, specialized face blurring tools like AVCLabs Video Blur AI offer a more efficient solution compared to general video editing software. Follow these steps to blur faces with AVCLabs Video Blur AI: Upload your video, select the "Face Blur" option, choose to blur all faces or specific ones, wait for face detection, and customize blur settings. Preview the effect and proceed to process the video.

AVCLabs Video Blur AI employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to accurately detect and blur faces, license plates, backgrounds, and other objects with precision. Its proprietary face recognition and tracking model achieves a 99% accuracy rate in detecting faces. With a straightforward operation process, it caters to both beginners without editing experience and individuals seeking high efficiency.

The Most Reliable and Intelligent Tool to Protect Your Privacy

The intuitive all-in-one solution—blur faces, backgrounds, and objects in a snap for comprehensive privacy protection!